The Steelmate Two Way Car Alarm System with Remote Start.




By Popular Demand!
Silver Chromed and Light Weight-designed – Steelmate has improved the Real time monitoring system
with penetration strength of 1.5 times for users to communicate more effectively with his vehicle. Steelmate
has also retained all the basic security features in 898N2. With the remote engine start feature becoming
popular of late, Steelmate has improvised the crank timing of the 898N2 Model to less than a split second or two.

Light Weight & Reliable
Silver Chromed and Light-Weight designed, the premium Steelmate 898G integrates with basic alarm
features and remote starters. LCD Screen status display, Passive arm, Cabin Temperature Sensor
and remote engine start are included. Batteries are lithium rechargeable.

Alarm Features:

Remote engine start


Silent ARM

Locating the vehicle/ panic alarm

Shock sensor protection

AUX input for tilt sensor (optional)

Foot-brake lock

Starter disable when ARM

LED indicator

Opening trunk alarm

Ignition alarm


Valet mode

Auto ARM (on board jumper)

Central door lock/ unlock automatically

Rearming automatically (for unintentional disarming)



Alarm Features:

Positive or negative door trigger

Warning for triggered system

Disable the former transmitters

Programming new transmitters

1 Year Warranty

Rechargeable LCD Remote Control:-Up to 4k feets long distance

30mm Width LCD screen

Full Feature dispaly icon

3 illumination selectable (Green,Red & Orange)

Monitor temperature inside the car

Rechargeable lithium battery,12V cigarette lighter charger included

Real-time clock display

Clock Alarm

Beep tone alert

Vibration mode