A slim, cig-lighter style TPMS for 4WD, passenger vehicles, some motorhomes and mini buses.

The Steelmate TP-77 is a DIY TPMS that allows the driver to monitor up to 4 tyres in real time using an easy-to-see LCD display. It also comes with a USB slot which allows drivers to charge their phones or use other electronics equipment. Internal Sensors require re-balancing and re-pairing.

*Internal & External Sensors Available


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The system can monitor tyre pressure from as low as 10 PSI, which is perfect for 4WDers. It can monitor up to 75 PSI, which is also appealing to some drivers of maxi taxis, cars, motorhomes and mini buses etc.

The system monitors both pressure and temperature, and will alert the driver of leaks, punctures or over-heating (over 80 °C/176°F) and low battery etc. In addition, the alarm threshold of pressure can be set and adjusted by the driver.

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